Herbison Woods News

April 5, 2024

Principal:  Alicia Ormsbee

School Address:  Pride Dr, DeWitt, MI 48820

Office Phone Number:  517-668-3300

Attendance Phone Number:  517-668-3347

Website:  https://hw.dewittschools.net/ 

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Upcoming Events:

April 9-11: M-STEP testing (see below for details)

April 16-18: M-STEP testing (see below for details)

April 29 - May 10: NWEA Testing

May 2 - 6: Acadience Testing

A Message from Mrs. Ormsbee

Greetings Herbison Woods Families!

We are excited to experience the solar eclipse on Monday afternoon!  All students and staff will be given special eclipse glasses to be able to participate in viewing this event.  While we will be reviewing the importance of eye safety, and keeping the special glasses on, we would appreciate you taking the time to review this with your child as well.  If you would prefer that your child not participate in viewing the eclipse with their class during the school day, please reach out to your child's teacher.  We can accommodate a supervised inside area for students who will not be participating.

M-STEP assessments also begin next week.  Please see the testing schedule below for more information.  Students need to bring headphones for all M-STEP assessments. NWEA and Acadience assessments will be administered the weeks of April 29 and May 6.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Alicia Ormsbee


M-STEP - State Testing

M-STEP testing will be starting next week.  Please see the letter below for detailed information.

As a reminder, testing will begin at 9:00 each day.  Please be sure students arrive on time to school.  Students who arrive after the testing begins, will not be permitted to enter the testing session.

4th grade will be testing on:

5th grade will be testing on:

In preparation for the state assessment (M-STEP), students may:

Complete M-STEP practice tests at home (must use Google Chrome) to become familiar with the platform and styles of questions:

If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out!

Parent MSTEP Letter

March Students of the Month

Students of the Month
Students of the Month
Students of the Month

4th Grade - Quail Olympics

Students in Mrs. Jones's and Mrs. Cantu's fourth grade classes incubated Japanese quail eggs in January, watched them hatch in February, and raised them to adulthood. Just before spring break, they sent them off to Major Impact Farm in Potterville, where they joined a small farm and will live with more space while providing eggs for sale. To culminate the three months of learning about and caring for the birds, students celebrated with Quail Olympic events including independent Quail Projects, along with team activities such as the Quail Quiz Bowl, Quail Races, and the Quail "Beauty Contest".  For the beauty contest, teams planned quail-themed backdrops for their quail to be presented in.  At the end of it all, students walked the red carpet to collect the awards they had earned for their individual and team efforts at the Quail Award Ceremony.  

Quail Collage
Quail Collage
Students earning awards from Quail Olympics
Students holding a quail
Students showing a project
Student holding a quail project
Student holding a quail project
Ice cream parlor quail home
Students standing with quail project
Quail project - stage


A special thank you to our PTA for organizing the Conference Cuisine for staff during conferences.  We also appreciate all of the families who contributed to making this possible for our teachers during the busy conference evenings.  Thank you for all you do!

Order a Yearbook

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Herbie Buck Store Donations

Our Herbie buck store continues to motivate students to be respectful, responsible and safe. We are always accepting donations such as small candies, school supplies, small toys, etc. In addition, we have also put together an Amazon Wish List of items that we feel our students may enjoy.  We appreciate your generosity and are grateful for your support!

Volunteering at DPS

Medication Information

In order for Herbison Woods Staff to administer medication to your child, you must:


If your child will be absent from school, please call the Herbison Woods attendance line at: