The Fall 2018 Scholastic Fall Book Fair is coming to Herbison Woods during the week of October 22-26.    Our students will be visiting the book fair during their regularly scheduled library time, with the exception of our Friday library classes of Ms. Dolby, Mrs. Shoemake, Mr. Pabst, Mrs. K and Mrs. Nowak who will visit the fair on a day other than their regular library time.  Families are invited to visit the fair anytime during school hours.


There are two ways to volunteer at the fair:

1. and then sign in with this (creator’s email)   

2.   You may also volunteer by calling Cindy Brushaber, HW Media Coordinator, at 668-3349 or contacting her via e-mail: . 


Scholastic books are also available for purchase online from October 23-26 our Herbison Woods  Scholastic Book Fair online site – 

 Books ordered online are shipped free to school and then delivered to your student.


All funds raised are used to purchase library books and materials.

Thank you for your support!