The Spring 2017 Scholastic Book Fair is coming to Herbison Woods during the week of March 27-30.    Our students will be visiting the book fair during their regularly scheduled library time, with the exception of our Friday library classes of Mr. Thelen, Mrs. Thelen, Mrs. Almy and Mr. Shankel who will visit the fair on a day other than their regular library time.  Families are invited to visit the fair anytime during school hours.


There are two ways to volunteer at the fair:

1. and then sign in with this  email address (creator’s email)   

2.   You may also volunteer by calling Cindy Brushaber, HW Media Coordinator, at 668-3349 or contacting her via e-mail: . 


Scholastic books are also available for purchase online from March 27-29 at our Herbison Woods  Scholastic Book Fair online site – 

 Books ordered online are shipped free to school and then delivered to your student.


All funds raised are used to purchase library books and materials.

Thank you for your support!