Dear Families –

Report cards are now available on Infinite Campus for you to view.  We do not print a paper copy, unless you request one.

To view your child’s report card, go to the DPS website ( Click on “Parent/Student links” on the left side of the page, near the bottom. Click on “Infinite Campus Parent/Student login”. Once logged in to your IC account, select student (top of page), click on “Reports” (left side of page), click on “Building Report Card”. Your student's report card should appear. If it doesn’t, just click refresh on the address bar.

If you have not logged in to Infinite Campus before, you will need to go to the DPS website (, click on “Departments” on the left side of the page, click on “Technology” on left side, click on “Student and Parent Information” on the left side, then click on “Parent Instruction Sheet” toward the center of the page. This should guide you through the process of getting in to IC.

If you need any help getting into IC please contact our Technology Department at 668-3590.

Standards-Based Grading and Reporting

Standards-based grading is used to report student performance.

Standards describe what a student should know and be able to do at each grade level in all subjects. This report card is designed to give you more and better information about how your child is progressing. The report card also provides information on your child’s work habits and classroom behavior separate from academic progress.

The standards-based report card is helpful in many ways. First, it helps to make sure there is more consistency of expectations from teacher to teacher. It also helps teachers and students focus on the standards from the very beginning of the school year, giving students the opportunity to get help earlier if they are not making adequate progress. Finally, and perhaps most importantly, you will know exactly how your child is doing based on the standards. You will learn which big ideas and concepts your child has learned and also what work still needs to be done to make sure your child is ready for the next grade level. Below is an overview of how to interpret your child’s report card.


Academic Proficiency Levels




Your child consistently demonstrates understanding beyond the grade level standard. Your child understands the how and why behind the concept, demonstrates that knowledge clearly and independently, and readily transfers his/her learning to new situations.





Your child consistently demonstrates independent, grade level understanding of the standard through a variety of tasks and projects.





Your child inconsistently or incompletely demonstrates independent, grade level understanding of the standard.



Needs Assistance


Your child consistently needs help to demonstrate grade level understanding of the standard. He/she only occasionally demonstrates independent understanding and use of concepts.



Behavior and Effort Levels




Your child consistently and appropriately meets expectations of school behavior and learning effort.





Your child usually meets expectations of appropriate behavior and learning effort. Occasionally, a reminder is necessary.





Your child is in need of frequent reminders to engage in appropriate behavior or put forth the expected learning effort


Area of Concern


Despite multiple attempts to redirect or reteach, your child continues to display inappropriate behavior and/or less than expected effort.


Please contact your child’s teacher if you have any questions or concerns about your child’s report card. I am also available if I can assist you in any way.

Keep in touch –


Mrs. Vicky Milner, Principal



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